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Equality and Wellbeing Committee

This new committee brings together into a single group the two previous staff and student equality forums which have achieved great things in the 10 years or so they have been running.

One Solent provided us with a good opportunity to consolidate this experience, expertise and enthusiasm into a single cohesive group and to strengthen that by establishing its role as a committee of Management Board.

Most importantly, it will assist us in providing an excellent people experience – irrespective of personal or protected characteristics – underpinned by what is a genuine commitment to equality, diversity and inclusivity.

The new committee also includes ‘wellbeing’ in its title and in the draft terms of reference. This reflects the changing environment that we are working in and has the aim of enhancing the health and wellbeing of everyone working and studying here. We can envisage that we will want to pay early attention to wellbeing from a mental health perspective and to all new ways to prevent, report and manage harassment, including supporting those people who have experienced this.

Read our equality and diversity policy

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